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Carico Coaching is a platform for young adults who want to realize their dreams and goals. Professional coaching will help you to recognize your personal strengths and use them effectively. Carico Coaching not only helps you to realize your projects and ideas, but also promotes your personal growth.

We believe that your growth should not be limited by your financial resources. That’s why we’ve been looking for sponsors who want to invest in your coaching. Apply for a scholarship today and secure your personal coaching.

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Everything you want to know

What does the scholarship cost?

The Carico Coaching scholarship includes a symbolic personal contribution of 5 euros per coaching session. This contribution underlines the personal commitment and appreciation of the coachees for the process and the professional support they receive.

In the case of on-site coaching, you may also incur travel and accommodation costs.

How does the application process work?

There are four steps to your application:

You send us your written application.

We conduct a free introductory meeting. We will clarify whether we are a good fit, whether your topic can be addressed through coaching with us and what the framework conditions are.

We start the coaching.

Every three meetings, we discuss together whether it still makes sense to continue the coaching.

How long does the coaching last?

You decide the duration and frequency of the coaching sessions at Carico Coaching. Individual meetings last between 60 and 90 minutes. You should feel positive effects after about three conversations. Most coaching sessions end after 6 to 9 meetings. Initially, the sessions usually take place every two weeks, later less frequently. The coaching sessions can also be paused for months or years as required. There is no minimum number of calls that you are obliged to book and no notice period.

Is there a guarantee for the coaching?

There is no guarantee for coaching, as success depends on many factors. In addition to the active participation and commitment of the coachee, individual circumstances and the specific situation also play a role. The process and effectiveness of coaching can be influenced by these external and personal factors.

How does online coaching work?

Online coaching at Carico Coaching works via Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp. This method allows you to take part in meetings regardless of your location. The coaching is designed to be just as personal and effective as an on-site meeting. The online platforms offer a safe space for conversations and care is taken to ensure that privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.

Can I first get to know a coach without obligation?

Yes, at Carico Coaching you have the opportunity to get to know a coach without obligation. This introductory meeting serves to establish a basis for trust and understanding and to find out whether the chemistry between you and the coach is right. Such an initial conversation can be crucial to ensure that the coaching relationship is appropriate and purposeful for both parties.

What role does the Christian faith play in your coaching?

The Christian faith has deeply shaped our personalities, our world view and our image of humanity. That is why we are convinced that there is something special in every person and that they have what it takes – even if it may not be so visible at the moment.

In our coaching you can be who you are and believe what you want. We even like it when you come to us with lots of questions and doubts and express them to us. Especially in the phase of growing up (and not only there), it is harmful to be pressed into a prefabricated mold.

What are the limits of coaching?

Coaching at Carico has certain limits. It is not a substitute for therapeutic or medical treatment for mental illness. Coaches are not qualified to make such diagnoses or carry out such treatments. In addition, coaching is solution-oriented and focuses on personal and professional development, but it does not intervene in deeper psychological problems. The effectiveness of coaching also depends on the active participation and openness of the coachee.

Is there a duty of confidentiality?

Yes, Carico Coaching has a duty of confidentiality. The contents of the discussions remain confidential and are not passed on.

However, there is one exception: the supervision group, in which conversations are discussed anonymously to improve the quality of the coaching.

If the interviews are paid for by third parties on your behalf (e.g. your parents), they will only receive proof of the date of the interview, not its content or topic. Example: “We held a 90-minute coaching session with Alexandra Müller on 27.03.2024”

If a sponsor pays for your coaching as part of a scholarship, they will only receive a message that an interview has taken place, but will not learn your name or the content of the coaching. Example: “On 27.03.2024, we held a 90-minute coaching session on the topic of time management.”

In addition, notes are taken during the interviews, which you will receive afterwards.