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Something new has come into the world with every person. Someone who has never existed before. Live in such a way that this uniqueness in you becomes visible and takes shape.

Martin Buber

Coaching & Workshops

We coach because we are full of enthusiasm for young people.


Our formats

Individual coaching

In a 1:1 meeting, we are there for you and help you to work on the issues that are important to you – at a pace that is just right for you. In person on site or online.

Not from
the bar

We create a customized form of our offers for your teenagers and young adults. Lively design and a high level of interaction. Write to us so that we can develop a good offer together.

School lesson
Youth group

In a workshop for the whole group, we usually go through a topic over 90 minutes, i.e. two school hours. Naturally with many interactive elements and designed to be lively both on site and online – with the experience of over 25 years of youth work in schools and parishes.

Leisure activities for a weekend or a week

Together with your employees, we organize a cool leisure time on the topics of strengths, identity, personality and/or vocation. It also includes lively and interactive Bible studies using the Haverim method.

Project day or project week

Our offers can easily be bundled into a project day or a project week – varied and goal-oriented.

Volunteer seminars


We can organize individual modules on the topics of strengths, identity, personality and/or vocation in a seminar or a whole week of seminars with all the necessary modules to meet the quality standards. As a secondment / interim / return seminar at home or abroad. André was active in the educational support of volunteers at home and abroad from 2003 to 2022.

“Don’t repeat what someone else has already done, no matter how famous they are.”

according to Martin Buber

Something unique has come into this world with you. Someone who has never existed before – and it is up to you to unearth and use this unique treasure. With our coaching and workshops, we want to help you discover your strengths, skills and characteristics and develop them into a great personality. So that you can realize the ideas and projects that lie within you and make this world a better place through you.

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Dream big. Taking the next step

We believe that you are uniquely and wonderfully made. You can expect great things in your life – dream big. Most of the time, our dreams are far too small. So small that they fit in our pockets and seem plannable and feasible. And yet we should not dream our lives away and live in the future instead of seizing the moment. Dream as big as you can, but take the next step now to make it happen – however small that step may be.