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Something new has come into the world with every person. Someone who has never existed before. Live in such a way that this uniqueness in you becomes visible and takes shape.

Martin Buber

Discover your strengths

We coach because we are full of enthusiasm for young people.

Tell us an experience about yourself – and we’ll tell you three of your strengths.

Talk about an experience where you were successful, where you achieved something or where something turned out beautifully. Our AI agent* will then write you a personalized postcard with three of your strengths. Free of charge and immediately!

The more detailed your information is, the more coherent the postcard will be. Perhaps you can answer the following questions: What was the situation like? What was the difficulty? What did you think or feel? What have you done? How has the situation changed?

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You’ve got what it takes! We see that in you!

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