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Individual coaching

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This is about your individual questions, topics and problems. We take time with you to find solutions that are precisely tailored to your situation.

You have all the strengths, qualities and skills you need to tackle your questions, issues and problems. Our coaching helps you to discover and train them.

We have a large toolbox of tools and methods ready for this. Our most important tool is good questions to help you find answers that are just right. We don’t believe in giving you rash answers and advice that pigeonhole you.

Because you’re the one who’s got it. We want to help you unleash your potential.

Duration: 60 minutes per session
Type: Online or on site
Your coach: Laura or Lukas Pohl or André Springhut

Our offer price

35 Euro

for young adults
(pupils / students
Trainees / career starters)

70 Euro

for adults

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Giving the gift of growth

Give a very special gift this year: coaching that will help the recipient make personal progress. In the topics that are currently relevant to him. With questions and methods that are tailored to him.
With coaches. who are well trained and have experience in coaching teenagers and young adults.

Personal coaching

With many years of experience in working with teenagers and young adults and a sound education and studies, we offer coaching that is personally tailored to the coachee. As coaches, we see our task as discovering and using personal resources rather than coming up with ready-made ideas and answers.


We help you to discover your own strengths and abilities and what makes you who you are.
We help people to overcome life problems and deal well with their own weaknesses.
We support you in choosing a training or study place and in planning your future. We also offer job application training.
We help to develop life and project ideas – right up to the foundation of an association.

Together with the coachee, we find the very personal topic that is currently on the agenda. You can find a few of the possible topics here.

Voucher link

The voucher is issued in the form of a personal website where the recipient can find information about our coaching and how to contact us. This is provided with a password.

Click here for a sample voucher.

The order is placed in our store
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How long is a voucher valid for?

Our vouchers are valid until they have been redeemed with us. There is no limit here. If the voucher was issued for a specific offer that is no longer available, we will offer something comparable.

Can a voucher be returned?

Our vouchers can be returned by the purchaser within 14 days if they have not yet been redeemed. Payment to the recipient is not possible.

Can I give away several coaching sessions and do I have to pay for them all beforehand?

You are also welcome to give away several coaching sessions. You can agree with us how many units you would like to pay (maximum) and we will send you an invoice whenever a coaching session has taken place.

Can I specify a topic?

You are welcome to give us a hint about a topic. However, whether we actually discuss this topic with the coachee depends entirely on them.

Will I find out anything about what was discussed?

Our coaching is a personal process between the coachee and the coach, in which we are committed to confidentiality. We will not provide any information about the contents. If desired, we will inform you whether the coaching has taken place.

What role does the Christian faith play for you?

The Christian faith has deeply shaped our personality, our world view and our image of humanity. That is why we are convinced that there is something special in every person and that they have what it takes – even if it may not be so visible at the moment.

Our coachees are allowed to be who they are and believe what they want. We even love it when they come to us with lots of questions and doubts and express them to us. Especially in the phase of growing up (and not only there), it is harmful to be pressed into a prefabricated mold.


Do you have any more questions? Write to us!

We will be happy to discuss all the details with you before you order your voucher.

The order is placed in our store
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