Carico coaching


Individual coaching

Voucher for Felix Neumann*

This is about your individual questions, topics and problems. We take time with you to find solutions that are precisely tailored to your situation.

You have all the strengths, qualities and skills you need to tackle your questions, issues and problems. Our coaching helps you to discover and train them.

We have a large toolbox of tools and methods ready for this. Our most important tool is good questions to help you find answers that are just right. We don’t believe in giving you rash answers and advice that pigeonhole you.

Because you’re the one who’s got it. We want to help you unleash your potential.

Duration: 60 minutes per session
Type: Online or on site
Your coach: Laura or Lukas Pohl or André Springhut

Hello Felix,

How nice that you received a gift voucher from Emil Lange. We are very much looking forward to working with you and are excited to see what you have to offer!

Which coach would you like to work with? Here we introduce ourselves to you and you can choose your coach. If you click on the info buttons or take a look around our website, you will find out what you can expect from us.

If you do not yet know what you would like to be coached in, we can arrange a free 20-minute consultation in advance.

We look forward to seeing you!

Laura Pohl, Lukas Pohl, André Springhut


Laura Großhennig
Laura Pohl

“Relieving, enlightening, motivating, bringing about change” is how Laura wants people to experience coaching sessions with her. She loves it when people have “aha” experiences that lead to them being able to shape their lives and their vocation with greater satisfaction and inner joy.
She studied Psychosocial Counseling and Mediation (conflict mediation) in the Master’s program and Social Work in the Bachelor’s program and completed several additional courses. Other people describe her as loving, compassionate, warm-hearted, helpful and friendly as well as good-humored and energetic.
In coaching sessions, she likes to use methods that support you in recognizing what you have within you and how you can confidently realize your potential (resource orientation and activation), that help to get to the bottom of behaviors, to find, practice and implement new ways of acting (cognitive behavioral therapy) and methods that provide information about stress factors and problem origins (systemic therapy).
It is important to her to approach you in an empathetic, authentic and appreciative manner, to help you to help yourself and to ensure sustainable progress.


Lukas Pohl
Lukas Pohl
Full of passion and motivation, he helps teenagers and young adults to discover and develop their potential and use it to help their fellow human beings.

He studied management and human resources in Schwäbisch Hall and currently works in personnel development at a company.

Lukas experienced for himself how his life changed for the better when he became aware of his strengths and potential. He wants to give you the same experience, encourage you and help you realize your dream.

To this end, he has developed the “Vision – consciously shaping the future” workshop, which has already helped pupils, students and adults to find their personal vision. In his coaching sessions, Lukas focuses on asking specific questions so that you can find your personal next step.


André Springhut
André Springhut

He has been working with teenagers and young adults for 26 years and his enthusiasm for young people continues to grow.

He trained at the Academy for Christian Leaders and as a counselor and coach at the Institute for Christian Life and Marriage Counseling.

He is the founder and co-founder of numerous projects for young people, including Pais Deutschland e.V. and LeadNow e.V., and loves to support others in setting up their projects.

In order to help young people in particular to discover their strengths, develop their personality and realize their projects, he has developed and refined various coaching methods such as the strengths sieve, personality coaching and images of God.