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Do you have dreams but don’t know how to make them come true? With our 20-minute coaching session for just 5 euros, you can gain clarity and take the first step. In a personal online coaching session, for example, we help you to define your goals or create a concrete plan. Turn your insecurity into action and start realizing your dreams. Book your coaching now and discover what’s possible!

Doing is more blatant than wanting.

20-minute coaching

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We have prepared our coaching for you as a snack buffet.
Each coaching exercise is a small snack that you can snack on in a few minutes.
Snack as much as you like! Have a snack or several – as often as you like.

All snacks are online and free of charge – except for the personal coaching with us.


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What qualifications do you have?

What we have in common is that we have been working with teenagers and young adults for a long time and therefore have a lot of practical experience in talking to young people.

Laura studied Psychosocial Counseling and Mediation (Conflict Mediation) in her Master’s degree and Social Work in her Bachelor’s degree and completed several additional courses.

Lukas studied management and human resources and works in personnel development at a company. He is training to become a business and life coach.

André has completed training as a Counselor for Social Competence and Personal Development at ICL and the Christian Leadership and Management course at ACF and is a Commercial Business Administrator IHK.

Is there a guarantee for the coaching?

Coaching is a joint process that depends on many factors. Therefore, no one can guarantee success.

However, if you are completely dissatisfied and disappointed with a coaching session, we can discuss whether you can get your money back or not pay at all.

How does online coaching work?

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, we had hundreds of coaching sessions via Skype. The only thing that has changed is that we now use Zoom.

We have found that coaching can be just as intensive as on-site coaching – and is also easier to implement due to the lack of travel time.

Before our coaching, we will send you a Zoom link and if the Internet has difficulties, we will also call you on the phone while the (faltering) picture continues to run over the network.

Of course, coaching can also take place without a picture.

What role does Christian faith play in your coaching?

The Christian faith has deeply shaped our personalities, our world view and our image of humanity. That is why we are convinced that there is something special in every person and that they have what it takes – even if it may not be so visible at the moment.

In our coaching you can be who you are and believe what you want. We even like it when you come to us with lots of questions and doubts and express them to us. Especially in the phase of growing up (and not only there), it is harmful to be pressed into a prefabricated mold.

What are the limits of coaching?

We are qualified to coach you in matters of personal development and social skills.

For mental illnesses that require treatment by a doctor and specialist, we will also refer you there.

At the beginning of the coaching session, we ask you which topics you want to come to us with and whether we are suitable for them.

Is there a duty of confidentiality?

Yes! Nobody learns anything about our conversations and the content of them.

With one exception: we take part in a supervision group where individual conversations are discussed anonymously so that we become more competent in our conversations.

If the calls are paid for by someone else, they receive proof of when a call took place. Of course, they are not informed of any content there either.

We take notes during the interviews, which you will receive after the interview.

Can I get to know you first without obligation?

In a free initial consultation, we will get to know each other and see whether I am the right coach for you in terms of personality, my expertise and my topics.

We will also talk about your desired coaching topics, how often we will meet and what the framework conditions are.

Feel free to ask me any questions that are important to you so that you can work with me as a coach with confidence.

How long do the meetings last and how often do they take place?

The duration and number of meetings is determined by you.

An interview lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

After 3 conversations you should realize that they “bring you something”. Most coaching sessions are completed after 6 to 9 meetings.

In the beginning, coaching sessions usually take place more frequently, about every 2 weeks. Later, the rhythm increases.

When a topic is completed, the coaching sessions don’t take place for months or even years until we meet again for a new topic.

There is no minimum number of calls that you have to pay for or a notice period.

How much does coaching cost? How can I pay for this?

I will discuss the price with you individually.

As a coach specializing in young adults, I am not as expensive as other coaches.

Coaching should never fail because of money.

We can discuss together how you can finance the coaching. As a fundraiser, I can advise you on this.