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This interactive tool is based on the proven WOOP method developed by psychologist Gabriele Oettingen. It is a simple but effective technique for achieving goals. With WOOP you learn to approach your goals with more optimism. But also realistic. You become aware of the obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them. WOOP combines motivation with concrete action plans to help you achieve your goals. It will help you to see the path to your goals more clearly and achieve them more effectively. Turn your dreams into tangible realities and start your journey to self-realization and success now. It’s time to make your goals a reality!

If desires are the seeds of goals, then WOOP is the tool to plant them, nurture them and watch them grow.

Achieve goals
with WOOP

The psychology of success

Complete your WOOP online and free of charge

Find a quiet place. Relax and concentrate on your personal goals and wishes. Be open and ready to recognize and overcome possible obstacles.


Or do your WOOP on paper!


We have prepared our coaching for you as a snack buffet.
Each coaching exercise is a small snack that you can snack on in a few minutes.
Snack as much as you like! Have a snack or several – as often as you like.

All snacks are online and free of charge – except for the personal coaching with us.

More about WOOP

WOOP was developed by the psychologist Prof. Dr. Gabriele Oettingen.

The WOOP website

Find out more about the background to WOOP on Prof. Dr. Gabriele Oettingen‘s website.

Oettingen The psychology of success

The psychology of success

The book by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Oettingen.
A science book for all those who have failed at positive thinking and are looking for practical recipes for self-motivation, self-realization and personal success

At your local bookseller.

Our goal coaching is also available as individual coaching or a workshop

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Individual coaching

Do you have difficulty setting clear goals or achieving them? We cordially invite you to a personal one-to-one coaching session. We help you to clarify your goals, overcome obstacles and develop effective strategies. Use this opportunity to accelerate your path to success.

For young adults we offer our coaching for 35 euros.


Are you looking for an interactive and entertaining workshop for your group? Our offer is perfect for teenagers and young adults, whether in school classes, youth groups, university courses, vocational schools or online. We offer practical tools to help you set and achieve effective goals. If you want to invest in the future of your group, book our workshop. Together we pave the way to success. Start now and actively shape the future of your group!