Achieve goals


Keep the perseverance and patience of a baby learning to walk. Focus on long-term success rather than immediate results and don't get discouraged when things get difficult. Always keep a positive attitude.

With the patience and perseverance of a baby learning to walk, no goals are unattainable.

Patience and perseverance when learning a new language

Max always dreamed of speaking fluent Japanese. The language fascinated him, but he knew that learning such a complex and completely new language would not be an easy task. However, instead of being overwhelmed by the challenge, he decided to show the patience and perseverance of a baby learning to walk.

Start with small steps

Max began by learning basic words and simple sentences. He didn’t put himself under pressure to be instantly fluent, but concentrated on slow, steady progress. Every new word, every new sentence was a small victory on the way to his goal.

Stay positive and patient

There were times when Max was frustrated. Days when he had the feeling that he was making no progress at all. But he kept reminding himself that patience and perseverance were the keys to success. He remained positive and focused on his long-term goals.

Your practice

Max’s story about learning a new language can also be applied to your goals. Here are some steps you might consider:

  • Start with what you can do: If your goal seems big and overwhelming, break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Remain patient and persistent: don’t expect to be successful overnight. Focus on steady progress and celebrate every small success.
  • Stay positive: Even if you feel like you’ve stalled, remember that progress takes time. The perseverance and patience of a baby learning to walk can help you reach your goal.

Max’s journey to learn Japanese shows that with the right attitude and commitment to working towards your goal every day, even the most ambitious dreams are achievable. Remember his story when you feel overwhelmed on your way to your goals, and be patient and persistent like a baby learning to walk.


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